We look at the whole picture of your investments, tax planning and accounting. In order to achieve your financial and life goals

Although investment advice is part of what we do, Blow Abbott Financial Services provide a wealth management approach rather than just investment advice. Are you looking to find wealth management and bookkeeping in Grimsby? Blow Abbott’s professional team will guide you through the opportunities available to you.

Wealth Management isn’t just focused on arranging financial products, it is about providing a holistic financial service.

Why choose us?

Our team, serving the areas of Grimsby and Cleethorpes, work with our clients. To establish their long-term financial goals and look at all aspects of their financial situation. We will also look into any opportunities including investments, savings, tax planning, their business and retirement and estate planning.

Any products we recommend will not be in isolation, but rather as part of our client’s total financial picture; their goals, opportunities and attitude to risk.

Blow Abbott Financial Services Ltd is Authorised & Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Profit Extraction

For business owners, with cash on their balance sheet, we can advise on ways to access this money in a tax efficient way. Including specific investment products.

Inheritance Tax Planning

Inheritance Tax is a burden on the beneficiaries of your hard-earned money and assets. However, through our Inheritance Tax Planning service we can look at legitimate ways of reducing this liability for your loved ones.

Tax Efficient Investments

There are many tax-efficient investment options in the market. Selecting which ones are best suited for your needs can be confusing. Getting the selection right can result in a significant boost to your overall investment portfolio. Let us help you find wealth management to suit your needs.

Retirement Planning

We all dream of retiring early and enjoying a fantastic lifestyle, but wishing and planning are not the same. We can help you put together a realistic retirement plan based on your needs. Including pensions, investments, business profit extraction and succession planning.